Circet provide a fully managed turnkey solution to BT for the installation of all PSTN and LLU installations across the residential and business channel.  As these are wholesale products this work is carried out on behalf of all telecoms operators that use BT’s fixed access networks.


  • Delivered and deployed a solution within 8 weeks of the contract being awarded, meeting an ongoing demand of 250 install/repair jobs per day.
  • Deployed MRU (Mobile Replenishment Unit) to manage the deployment of consumable stock to field based engineers
  • Powered by GoodMove, delivered a fully paperless solution managing the delivery of work to and from field based staff

Works include:

  • Appointment management
  • Route planning and resource management
  • Jeopardy management
  • Interfacing with BT systems for job pack delivery
  • Full tracking of all stores and Logistics
  • Termination of wiring in the CCP Cabinet, telephone exchange, distribution points
  • Repairing/Building and qualifying a cable path from the exchange to the customer’s premises
  • Installation/repair of internal wiring, where required
  • Setup and demonstration of service, where required
  • Cross connection of jumper to DLS blocks in the Exchange, where required
  • Systems based line check to confirm line compliance and updating of BT systems with same
  • Quality control checks on over 5% of work completed