Make A Report

Make a Report

If you wish to make a report, our dedicated portal is at your disposal. For any commercial complaints or any request related to the intervention of a technician, please use the contact form.

Any employee, customer, and other stakeholders can anonymously report inappropriate, fraudulent, or non-compliant behavior with the general interest or the law within Circet Ireland and UK, via our reporting portal.

The author of the report benefits from all legal guarantees of protection and confidentiality applicable to the whistleblower. To access the whistleblowing alert platform implemented by the Circet group, in accordance with the alert procedure, please click “Make a Report” below.


For commercial complaints or any customer complaint in relation to a technician’s intervention, please use the contact form on the

contact page.

Anti-corruption code of conduct

Anti-corruption code of conduct Circet Ireland and UK, like all the subsidiaries of the Circet group in Ireland and the United Kingdom and internationally, is committed to ensuring absolute respect for ethics and integrity in all its activities and in all circumstances.