Make A Report

If you wish to report behaviour that may violate our Anticorruption Code of Conduct, our policies, or the law, our reporting service is available 24-7.

It is available to employees, anyone doing business with Circet, anyone acting on Circet’s behalf and any other stakeholders and allows you to remain anonymous, where permitted by law.

We value your help in avoiding and uncovering possible misconduct and prohibit retaliation of any kind against anyone who shares a good faith concern. The author of the report benefits from all legal guarantees of protection and confidentiality.

To access the reporting platform implemented by the Circet group, in accordance with the reporting procedure, please click “Make a Report” below.


Please note the reporting platform is only suitable for reporting any potential violation of our Code of Conduct, our policies as well as all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, including fraud and corruption in the workplace.

Please submit any consumer or commercial complaint by way of the contact form on our website Home | Circet Ireland & UK.